The Postie’s New Tool

At work today we had half an hour’s training (video of an actress in a neatly pressed Royal Mail shirt and trousers with the shop creases still in the legs) on how to use the latest high-tech tool in a postie’s repertoire.

Ladies and gentlemen let me present, the Dog Thwarter.


Idea is that you put the mail in the lips at the end and push it through the letterbox. Then you twist and withdraw. No missing fingers, no severed tendons. One frustrated dog.

Only good part of the “training” on how to use this thing was watching the actress pretend to quiver with fear as the Rottweiler in no.37 Letsby Avenue went mental and tried to turn her into Pedigree Chum.

Unlike the USA where postmen get to carry pepper spray (or more fun…BEAR MACE) and squirt it in the eyes of aggressive canines, the UK mentality is to fill out a form noting the address as “dangerous” and issue the postie with one of these things.

Roll on the commemorative stamps for Queen Victoria’s great, great, great, great grand-daughter/ son.


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